Baby shower

Here's a snapshot of the spread at our latest event
- a boy baby shower with a "Golden Books" theme.


Taking the pain out of parties

Here are five tips for throwing a smashing - and stress-free - soirée:

1. Pick a theme - It’s easier to build a party around a central idea: a season, a type of cuisine, a favorite book, a retro movie, or even just a color. For example, throw a “Golden Book Baby Shower” and use vintage books for centerpieces and favors and stick to retro recipes and décor.

2. Hone your guest list - Want to keep it intimate or host a huge bash? Keep in mind that only half to two-thirds of your guest list will be able to attend, typically. (You never know whose Aunt Bertha is going to break her hip and need some TLC the night of the party.)

3. Don’t be stingy with your grub - Our rule of thumb is to plan for TEN percent more food then you think you will need. You don’t want your guests to start a brawl over the last cupcake; kitchen knives can be dangerous.

4. Keep it real - Don’t stress yourself out making everything from scratch; focus your efforts on one or two tried and true recipes that will wow your guests and purchase the rest. Do you make a killer pico de gallo? Make it and go buy some green chile corn tamales from your local taco shop - they'll appreciate the business.

5. Throw a party, not your own funeral - You don’t want to be dead tired when your guests arrive. Set the table the day before and try to have the bulk of your menu prepared in advanced so you can be the life of the par-tay.

6. Call us! - Eliminate all your stress by handing over the hosting reigns. We'll help you out from start to finish. Can you say chocolate molten lava cakes?

Happy hosting!

The Gourmet Girls